All you need to know.

Where can we get snacks and items to fill the fridge?
Grocery store is 5 minutes down Cambridge Road to two of them.

Where is the closest bus/transportation?
Nearest bus stop is 5 minutes in either direction

Do the rooms have A/C?
Air conditioning will be in bedrooms by June 15th / 09

Are there outdoor cooking options?
The BBQ is brand new and large enough for meal for 12

What type of electronics are available?
2 large TV's, cable 120 stations, full stereo system with ipod, and full wireless internet with one desktop mac in office.

How many people can sleep in the house?
Maximum guests: 13 persons with an additional charge.

What size are the rooms, spacious?
Upstairs bedrooms:18 x 18 with king, 18 x 14 with queen, 2 twins 14 x 13. Downstairs: 26 x 16 with queen, 16 x 12 with 2 twins,  bunk beds and couch in the adjoining TV lounge area,  and extra long and deep sofa in the main floor livingroom.

Can I smoke on the property?
No Smoking in the house!

What payments are owed?
House rentals require a lease, and a security damage deposit. The balance payment is made 6 weeks in advance of the tenancy commencement. We read the electricity meter at the beginning and at the end of your visit: included in the price is $200.00 a week’s worth of power and if you go over that, the overage is deducted from the damage deposit. Electricity costs 330% more in Bermuda than in the USA, and you are requested and expected to conserve by turning off air conditioning when you go out, hanging clothes on the line to dry whenever possible etc. Included is an allotment of $200.00 a week’s worth of water as well. Water is collected from rain showers and stored in tanks: theres no municipal supply. Its delicious and safe to drink but its expensive to replenish tanks if they run dry. These power and water allocations are considered generous for your comfort. We just ask you to respect island conservation measures at all times.


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