Everything you could want is steps away.

There are plenty of activites and amazing sights to see in Bermuda and particularly in the area of Cambridge House, Somerset and Mangrove Bay.

On the road towards Hamilton, you will be charmed with the town of Somerset- it has a post office and pharmacy, nice places to dine and little shops where you can re-provision while admiring the views of Mangrove Bay.

Somerset public dock at the end of Cambridge Road, close to the house, has a small marina where you can rent boats and explore the multitude of small islands just offshore including the Vixen wreck at Daniels head, a great place to feed and see the thousands of fish that come to the surface. You can rent Lasers, kayaks, Boston Whalers and all the snorkel gear you'll need is available as well.

There are two local Supermarketis very close by where groceries can be purchased there until midnight and spirits until 9pm. There is also a Goslings liqour store at the south end of Cambridge road that has a huge wine selection and all the other goodies like Rum, beer, ice etc.

The Railway Trail is nearby as well, and offers a peek into Old Bermuda, as the trail winds away from the main road and passes some fascinating old homes and farms and leads to Fort Scaur which has great views of the Great Sound and a good part of somerset east and west. A perfect one hour brisk walk for those who want to walk off that big bbq dinner from the night before.

The Royal Naval Dockyard at the tip of Ireland Island is a magnificent preservation of British history and dates back to 1809 when the land was purchased to build it. It is easily accessible by bus or ferry and is a major tourist attraction in the West End It was the largest British naval facility outside the United Kingdom --all forts built in Bermuda in the 1800s were built to protect this important naval installation.

The magnificent buildings now house a shopping mall, a craft market, an arts centre and restaurants. The Bermuda Maritime Museum occupies the Dockyard keep and has many interesting exhibits, which interpret the Royal Naval Dockyard and the fortifications and weapons, which protect it. Towering over the Keep is Commissioner’s House, a massive building dating back to 1825 as the first house ever to be built with a pre-fabricated cast and wrought iron structural framework. The award-winning restoration project has space devoted to a variety of exhibitions exploring Bermuda’s cultural connections, local slavery, military history and features rare collections of paintings, maps and coins. The verandah offers panoramic views of Dockyard and Bermuda.

At the Craft Market meet a different artists each week and learn how to make a banana leaf ornament, 3-D paper art, gemstones and fiber optic wire wrapping. Also, an animated discussion about the crafted Gombey dolls and queries about needlework. Anything you make, you takeFrom 1-4pm enjoy a Bermuda Tasting at the Bermuda Craft Market. Enjoy a sampling of Bermuda products including Outerbridge Pepper products, Horton's Rum Cakes, Bermuda Jam Factory's homemade pepper jellies, Sallie's jams, Frog & Onion's rum swizzle and fish chowder, Gosling's Bermuda Gold liqueur, new products (jams, sauces and cake) and Bermuda Honey. Or head over to Bermuda Glassworks to watch professionals create fabulous glass objects and don’t forget to try some samples from the Bermuda Rum Cake Factory.

The grand south shore beaches at Horseshoe, Warwick Long Bay and Elbow are a short bus or moped ride away and some are serviced public beaches with cafes, beach chairs and umbrella available to rent. Luckily for you Cambridge House has private access to Cambridge Beach, and with some pre arranging at the front desk, you can run a tab at the resort beach bar.

On the Mangrove bay side, you can rent various kayaks, sail and motor boats, pack a lunch and some wine and find your own beach. Ask owner for a few tips on this. There are various little beaches on some of the smaller islands and shallow bay areas of mangrove bay all the way down to Pompano.


Casual dining can be enjoyed at Salt Rock Cafe for suishi or pub fare, the Country Squire Restaurant for serious pub fare, further west.... the Frog and Onion Pub, Beethovens, Bonfish Bar and Grill, which are all 10 minutes away at Dockyard.

Cambridge Beaches Resort is within walking distance has two restaurants: one on the pool looking out over Mangrove Bay, and the other on Cambridge Beach, called, Breezes, both excellent and highly recommended.

The Southampton Princess Golf Course, Port Royal (re-opening June 09)and Riddells Bay are all in the western end of the island

Deep sea fishing, sailing charters, bicycle rentals, scuba diving can all be easily aranged close by at Somerset bridge or at  9 Beaches resort just a 10 minute walk down the end of the beach. st ac


The Watford Bridge and Cavello Bay ferry terminals are half a mile walk away both which take you right into Hamilton on a daily regular schedule.
The Dockyard ferry terminal
is a larger stop which travels from Hamilton and St.George's on a regualer schedule.

If you are looking to rent a scooter we recommend Oleander Cycles as they have a kiosk next door at the Cambridge Beach Hotel and will also deliver. Visit www.oleandercycles.bm for more information.

A bus-ferry pass which can be purchased at the main bus or ferry terminal in Hamilton, or at the local Mangrove Bay post office Monday - Friday would be a good thing to have if mopeds are not your style. Vistors are always impressed with our level and frequency of service. It's the safest, cheapest and easiest way to see the island.d

www.gov.bm  has all the schedules under transportation


For more to do and see check out www.bermuda.com





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